Dynamic Money Managers securities Pvt. Ltd  provides extraordinary packages for investors, including online trading system, online DMAT system i.e. meroshare.cdsc.com.np, excellent market analyst, full guidance for beginners investors, and friendly as well as reliable customer service. Our exceptional customer fallibilities and expertise board members make this company one of the top brokerage firm in Nepal.


Why to choose Dynamic Money Managers

Excellent Trading Platform: After spending decades on paper based system and desktop based system, we and our umbrella organizations are able to provide fully online based trading system.  Currently we are providing online DMAT facilities through meroshare.cdsc.com.np and online trading system through tms44.nepsetms.com.np. Focusing on customer requirements and easiness we developed our website where user can directly perform the entire task from home and save much more time.


Companion for beginner investors:  Dynamic Money Managers has the largest selection of education material for beginner investors. We organize different types of meetings and seminars to influence beginner investors to be a part of stock exchange. We are also being part of different types of stock expo and other programs due to which we are able to involve more than five thousand fresh customers every year.

Major contributor: we are one of the major contributors in stock trading in Nepal amongst fifty brokerage firm. We trade more than nine percent of stock through Nepal Stock Exchange. We are very ambitious and focused on our services to be on the top of the table. Our well educated and experienced board member, laborious and intelligent staff is one of the major factors to our success.


Excellent web services:  Technological advancement becoming more conducive to our valuable customers as they can perform entire task without visiting the company. Currently, we are building more responsive and user friendly system for their greater involvement to the company. We are able to install online payment system which is one of the best ways to be paperless office.  In upcoming future, we will build our own trading system which will be integrated to our mobile application.


Quick Services:  Waiting is one of the hardest things in the word and we don’t want our customer to wait so long for their task. We are providing most of our services within a day.


Service Duration
DMAT Account Opening Within a day
Individual /Corporate KYC opening Within a day
DIS Settlement Within a day
Share credit to the customer Within a day after settlement
Payment to the customer Within a day after settlement
MEROSHARE login Within a day
TMS online trading login Within a day


Free services:  some of our services are free for customer like DMAT statement, Dematerialization of shares, Trading Account Opening, Online Trading login. It also does not have any Annual maintenance charges. However, some of our task has certain charges fixed by Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON), Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), and CDS and Clearing limited.

Task Charges Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC)/Renew
DMAT Account Opening 50 100
MEROSHARE Account Opening 50 50
On Market Transaction at DP 25 per Scrip N/A
Dematerialization of shares Free Free
CNS Mapping Free Free
Share Credit ( Pool Account to Beneficial Owner) 25 per Scrip Free
Trading Account Opening (KYC) Free Free
Online transaction Account Opening (TMS Login) Free Free
BO Updates and other Updates Free Free
Pledge/Unpledged Rs 50/pledge or unpledge Free



Stock trading commission Rate

Amount Commission Rate
Upto 50,000 0.60 percent
50,000-500,000 0.55 percent
500,000-2,000,000- 0.50 percent
2,000,000-10,000,000 0.45 percent
From Rs. 1,00,00,000 Onwards


0.40 percent



Process of DMAT Account Opening

  • Individual /corporate has to fill DMAT account opening form which is available on website or they can get form from the company. They have to fill all the details mentioned in form.
  • Individual should have to attach their copy of citizenship with the form while corporate office should provide PAN, Company Registration Document, Contact person citizenship and other necessary details, Agreement paper of DMAT account opening.
  • DMAT Account Opening cost Rs. 50 with Annual Maintenance charge of Rs.100
  • With correct and clean provided information customer can get their DMAT account number (BOID) within a day.